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MiniPlus Article
November 07 2018
By Tim Deakin

Tim is Editor of routeone and has worked in both the coach and bus and haulage industries.

EVM sees scope to complement its existing offer

Entry-level Trend product on Sprinter gives strong prospects alongside core minicoaches, says converter

EVM’s core range of minicoaches is complemented by other minibuses

EVM says that interest in its entry-level Trend minibuses on the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is strong, and the market segment is one that it expects to capitalise on going forward.

The Trend debuted on a 300-strong order for 12-seat minibuses for Onebus. That deal allowed EVM to gain experience in managing the conversion and supply process, says Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Flynn.

“On a 3,500kg GVW new Sprinter, the Trend gives 13 passenger seats and its retail price starts at £43,500,” he adds. At 4,050kg GVW, 16 seats are possible. That configuration begins at £45,000.

“We are seeing strong demand for the Trend. It is a viable entry-level product; it is well-priced and it is well supported,” adds Mr Flynn.

Trend products are available now on the new Sprinter, as are heavier minicoaches on the long wheelbase platform. The extra-long wheelbase option will arrive later.

On the existing Sprinter, EVM showed a 22-seat minicoach on a non-extended model that retains a boot. “We made lots of small modifications to create space for extra seating. Even with 22 seats we retain a pitch of 660mm. It has generated a lot of interest.” For operators that require lots of luggage space, EVM can offer an extended Sprinter with 19 seats and a “huge” boot.

It is also seeing significant interest in its Cityline low-floor minibus, with business secured from the Oxford Bus Company for its PickMeUp DRT service and several community transport organisations.

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