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April 27 2018
By Mel Holley

A former routeone editor, Mel has more than 30 years’ experience in road and rail transport journalism.

Connected and monitored is 21st Century’s focus

21st Century Fleet Systems will be represented at the Album conference, with experts available to talk to operators about the very latest in on-bus technology.

Two areas that 21st Century will be focussing on are its Connected Bus and Remote Condition Monitoring systems.

21st Century has recently completed a Connected Bus project for Omniserv, connecting the on-board systems to ITxPT compliant standards, including the very latest high definition, live view IP CCTV cameras with Cloud video management, Automatic Passenger Counting, on-board infotainment including Next Stop Announcement and Passenger Wi-Fi on the staff vehicles.

A host of back-office reports also allow Omniserv to review passenger demand and SLA adherence.

The system also includes an Android driver’s screen, which allows the driver to input the car park zones they will be attending.

This is then transmitted off-vehicle to allow the car-park’s Real Time Information system to generate dynamic predictions on when the vehicle will be departing each stop on its route via the new displays installed throughout the car parks, supplied by 21st Century’s Passenger Systems’ team.

Should a driver not be visiting any particular zone in the car park, the displays alert users to the zone closure.

21st Century has also been installing Journeo Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) units for customers, connecting legacy equipment to the Internet of Things.

By utilising the RCM platform, customers are alerted in real-time to equipment faults, reducing the costs associated with preventative maintenance schedules as the vehicles only receive an on-site visit when actually necessary.

It also gives operators the peace of mind that they are able to see, in real time, the working condition of the CCTV equipment on their fleet, mitigating the risk of footage from an incident not being available.

A host of technology can be connected to the Journeo RCM platform, giving operators real insight into the working condition of the technology installed within their fleet.

21st Century’s Mark Johnson, Director of Fleet Systems, will be leading the team at ALBUM. He says: “We have a lot to talk to Album members about at this year’s conference.

“There have been huge advances in technology, in the quality of systems, their flexibility and applications and also the associated costs.

“We are expecting to have some very exciting conversations about how we can help operators to meet their changing technology needs.”

Director of Sales Owain Bridges, Account Manager Mike Sixsmith and Business Communications Manager Darren Maher, complete the Album team.

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